Grade Span 6-8

ABC Quilts
Given directions for making a quilt, students determine the amount of material needed.

Baffling Bacteria
Students determine when bacteria would outweigh them, if it were left to double every 20 minutes.

Big Numbers
Students show their significance of $30 billion.

Students are given the first three bridge designs and determine the 10th bridge design, noticing patterns and making generalizations.

Building Block Dilemma
Given the first three-block towers, students determine the number of blocks needed for any number tower.

Candy Dilemma
A box of candies is eaten a fraction at a time. Students determine the number of candies that began in the box.

Cavity-Less Caper
Students decide how much money will be spent on dental floss in a lifetime.

Charmin® Choices
Students determine which toilet tissue is the better buy.

Checkerboard Dilemma
Students determine how many squares are on a checkerboard.

Choose a Challenger
Students analyze their peers' physical education test scores to determine who would be the best choice to compete in their school-wide Olympic events.

Day Lily Dilemma
Students determine the number of day lilies in all, after following a pattern in their reproduction.

Dear Betty
Students compare two fruit snack products.

Dense Rocks
Students estimate the weight of a rock which cannot physically be weighed.

Distribution Dilemma
Students determine the number of movie tickets a seller began with, after giving away different fractional amounts.

Division of Labor
Students determine the number of hours two people work.

Dog House
Given a piece of plywood, students design the largest dog house possible.

Dog Years Dilemma
Students determine the "dog age" of a puppy based on his human age.

Double Dilemma
Students determine the probability of using dice to throw doubles 1/3 of the time.

Dripping Faucet
Students determine the amount of waste from a dripping faucet.

Easter Bunny Fractions
A garden is planted with unusual vegetables in fractional parts. Students determine the missing fractional parts.

Euler's Dilemma
Students investigate Euler's rule for classifying figures.

Fat Intake
Using a food diary, students determine how well they have followed the recommended guidelines for percentage of fat in their diets.

Fences for Grazing
Given 100 feet of fencing, students determine the greatest area possible and the number of posts needed.

Filling Boxes
Students determine how many cubes it would take to fill a box.

Students analyze their physical education fitness scores and draw conclusions.

Frugal Freda's Fruit Foray
Students determine the fraction of edible flesh of Freda's favorite fruits, along with the cost per edible serving.

Given three gears, and a number of teeth in two of the three gears, students determine the number of teeth in the third gear.

Greener Grass
Students determine the better buy when re-turfing a football field.

Handshake Problem
Students determine the total number of handshakes that would take place among a group of people shaking each other's hands.

LA to NY
Students determine how much their trip from LA to NY will cost.

Students compare the area of two leaves.

Locker Dilemma
Students determine which lockers will be open, and which closed, after other students have open and closed them.

Collect, organize and describe data, draw conclusions, compare theoretical to experimental probability.

Meeting Dilemma
Students try to determine when their teachers can find time to meet.

Newspaper Advertisements
Students are given guidelines for generating a statistical exploration on a topic of their choice.

Nine Fish
Students determine how to put nine fish into two tanks.

Olympic Trophy Design
Students design a trophy topped with a scaled figure of the typical middle level student.

Phone Chain
Students determine the most efficient phone chain.

Planning Ahead
Students investigate the characteristics of past presidents to determine which candidate is more statistically likely to win the upcoming presidential election.

Poker Game
Students identify the amount of time it takes to exhaust the possible seating arrangements for a poker game.

Population in 2020
Students estimate the population of the United States in the year 2020.

Students determine how many raisins are in a box.

Runners' Dilemma
Two friends are running at different speeds. Students determine when one will catch up with the other.

Sheep Herder's Dilemma
Given a diagram of a sheep corral, students determine how many ewes will end up in each of 4 pens given particular directions.

Shoe Contest
Students estimate how many shoes it would take to fill their classroom with shoes.

Given data on recent sneaker sales, students determine an appropriate number to order the following week.

Stained Glass
Students determine the amount of glass and metal needed for a stained glass window.

Staircase Dilemma
Students predict the number of blocks required to build a staircase and to find a pattern.

Sums Dilemma
Students determine the most likely sums when dice are tossed.

Swinging Time
Students conduct an investigation to determine the slowest beat that could be produced by a metronome made with 60 centimeters of string.

Table Hopping
Students determine the number of tables needed to seat a given number of people.

Tan Pattern Block Angles
Students determine the value of the angles of the tan pattern block piece.

Tangram Fractions
Students find the fractional part of each Tangram piece as it relates to the whole.

Telephone Numbers
Students find the number of telephone numbers possible using an area code, exchange and suffix.

Tower of Hanoi
Students determine the number of moves it takes to solve a problem using spindles and disks.

Townhouse Tribulation
Students determine the number of square feet of brick required for a group of townhouses.

Turkey Day
Given a turkey and time to cook per pound, students determine the appropriate time to start cooking the turkey given additional parameters.

The Twelve Days of Christmas
Students use the Twelve Days of Christmas song to determine the number of gifts received and to project the number and range of gifts.

Variable Dilemma
Students solve a series of letter equations by substituting numbers.

Wrapping Mom's Lamp
Students identify the smallest sheet of wrapping paper needed to wrap a lamp.

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