Grade Span 3-5

Another Domino Dilemma
Students determine the number of pips in a set of dominoes.

Ant in the Well
Students determine how long it takes an ant to get out of a well.

Blue Print
Students design a scale model of their classroom.

Bulletin Board Border
Students find the number of shapes needed to decorate the perimeter of a bulletin board.

Busy Day
Students make a schedule for their Saturday.

Students determine sleeping arrangements for a camping trip.

Carpet Caper
Students determine the number of rolls of carpet needed to cover a basement, and how to cut the carpet so it results in the least number of seams.

Checkerboard Investigation
Students determine the number of squares on a checkerboard.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Rubric
Students create a rubric to assess chocolate chip cookies.

Deluxe Birthday Cake
Given a birthday cake made of three different flavors in three different fractional amounts, students design possible birthday cakes that meet the criteria.

Disappearing Cookies
Students determine how many cookies Kathy baked before her family started eating them.

Students determine the number of dominoes in a set with 0 - 9 pips.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm
Students determine the typical sleep habits of students their age.

Equal Snacks
Students arrange the snack for the class.

Filling the Pool
Students determine how long it takes to fill a pool that fills at a certain rate.

Fish Dilemma
Students determine how many fish could be caught given a certain number of people and boats.

Great Pizza Dilemma
What are the ways that a group of friends might share pizzas with one another?

Harvest Dinner
Students decide the quantity of ingredients needed for their school's harvest dinner.

Students determine how much reading must be done to achieve the 1,049 miles of the Iditarod Trail.

Is Dan Losing His Marbles?
Students determine with how many marbles Dan began the game.

Job Hunting
Given a list of different summer jobs, including details about the work and about pay, students determine which job is best for them.

Kwanza Celebration
Students determine the number of candles needed for a Kwanza celebration.

M&M® Mini-Bus Challenge
Students estimate the number of M&M's® in a mini-bus of M&M's® without counting all of the candies.

Making a Fair Decision
Students determine which group has worked hardest at reading library books.

Miss Amico's Birthday Bash
Using weather information from the past 40 years, students determine the probability of there being enough snow on which to sled on Miss Amico's birthday.

Miss Guy's Puppy Problem
Given an amount of fencing, students determine the largest pen possible using all of the fencing.

Missing Key Dilemma
Students are asked to find a solution to a multiplication problem when their calculator key is broken.

More for the Money
Students determine the best buy for their teacher.

Mrs. Hasson's Decorating Dilemma
Students determine the number of tiles needed to cover a floor.

Necco® Mania
Students determine the number of each color of Necco® candy that are made in a batch of 10,000 based on a sample.

New Year's Party
Students conduct an investigation to assist them in placing an accurate soda order for an estimated 1,000 students

Party Seating
Students determine how to arrange tables and seating for a party.

Pedal Power
Given the gears on a bike, students determine the number of speeds the combined gears can make.

Penny a Day
Students determine which payment schedule is the better choice.

Playground Committee
Students design a walkway from the playground for less than $500.

Playground Fun
Students determine the fairest way of ordering basketball and soccer balls and the cost.

Portfolio Pizza Party
Given size and price information, students place an order for a class pizza party.

Post Office Display
Students determine the amount of space needed to display enlargements of stamps they created.

Students have saved $26,462 and must determine which Christmas presents to buy their families.

A Problem on the Prairie
Students decide how to fairly share two cookies among three girls.

Students find the number of carrots left after seven raccoons have been eating.

Return of the Pandas
Given information about the life cycle of the panda, students use that information to determine the number of offspring generated in 15 years.

Sandbox for Geoffrey
Given an amount of building material, students determine the different size sandboxes that can be made.

Shopping for Shoes
Students find a fair way for two people to share payment for two pairs of shoes at a "buy one, get one pair free" sale.

Should We Burst Their Bubble?
Students determine which gum container presents the better deal.

Shovel, Shovel, Shovel
Three decks of various sizes need to be shoveled. The work is shared by six shovelers. Students decide how the work and pay can be fairly shared.

Sleigh Rides
Students determine sleigh ride profits.

Spring Seeds
Using a database, students determine the number of packages of seeds a teacher should order for spring planting.

Stacks of Coins
Students identify the number of quarters, nickels and dimes in three stacks of coins.

Stained Glass Surprise
Students figure the cost of creating a stained glass mobile in the shapes and sizes of tangram pieces.

Tangram Areas - Grandfather Tang's Story
Students recreate animal shapes using tangrams from the Grandfather Tang's Story, and find their relative areas.

Tangram Money
Students assign money values to tangram pieces.

Terrific Tiles
Given the dimension of a kitchen floor and the dimension of tiles, students determine the number of tiles needed to cover the kitchen floor.

Theodore Bear
Students determine the characteristics or traits of a typical teddy bear.

The Tower Problem
Given the first three towers, students determine the 10th tower.

Two-Inch Square
Students determine the number of two-inch squares they can make using 12" x 9" paper.

Valentine Candy Challenge
Using other boxes for their data, students describe the Necco® hearts in the teacher's box.

What is Fair?
Students determine how to fairly share expenses on a trip.

What's the Problem?
Students create a problem for an addition answer.

Winning Ticket
Students compare two payment plans to determine which is the better deal.

Zeno the Xylophone Maker
Given the decimal lengths of the first three xylophone keys, students determine the lengths of all the keys and the number of one-yard strips needed to build a xylophone.

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